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07 March 2010


FIRST, i am sooooo extra SUPER HYPER jealouss people, :)

SECOND, im not that girl who clean up their room every week and neat their bed every time they woke up, :)

THIRD, i dont change my phone contact name as i hate it. at the end, ill be breaking off with that person -.-"

FORTH, i dont hang out with friends thinking 2,3 days before on what dress or shirt should i wear, what makeup should i put on, or what heels should i wear. ill make it simple. :)

FIFTH, i really easily got mad. especially when people didnt pickup calls . idky . (i did that too)

SIXTH, i got up easily when dat ****ing phone alarm ring. andd, i change my alarm ringtones every week.

SEVENTH, i am so soft hearted, haha :P believe. :)


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